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Hire Stock

Hire Stock

Here is a brief outline of most of the video wall equipment that we stock and use to build our installations. Generally we do the installations with our own expert crew but can provide dry hire services on request, and under certain conditions. Please contact us for more information.


  • Sony BVM CRT's from 9" to 21"
  • Panasonic 21" CRT Monitors
  • JVC CRTs from 10" to 21"
  • Hantarex 28" CRT Cube
  • Seleco 28" CRT Monitor
  • Wedge Shaped 28" Seleco Monitor
  • Industrial Metal-Framed 28" CRT Cubes
  • Tosumi 28"CRT Monitor

Video Wall Controllers

  • Media Technologies Brick video wall processor
  • Image mag pro
  • Digimatic video wall controller
  • Custom built 32x output Resolume server and converter rack

Playback Options

  • Brightsign media player hire
  • Laptop
  • 32x Output Resolume server
  • VJ / Live video operator

Rigging Options

  • Plinths
  • Steel Deck
  • Microtile Video walls

CRT Video Walls

Our CRT walls are at the core of the services we provide. They generally comprise of of two or more CRT screens, and whether multiple playback devices such as the brightsign media players or a single playback device and a video wall controller, used to split a single video into segments to send off to multiple screens.

CRTs for Hire

Our CRT screens are mostly interchangeable, aesthetically, so sometimes can be mixed and matched. But they do differ in some small technical ways.

Hantarex CRT Cube

  • Model: MGG28EQ
  • Dimensions: 47(h) x 59.5(w) x 47.5 (d)
  • 4:3 Aspect ratio
  • Inputs: S-Video, RGB
  • Weight 43.9KG


Seleco CRT Monitor

CRT 28 inch Seleco video cube

  • Model: SMV300
  • 47(h) x 59.5(w) x 47.5(d)
  • 4:3 Aspect ratio
  • Inputs: Composite video (BNC), 9 Pin D-sub (Rgb), Scart.
  • Weight: 42KG


Wedge Shaped Seleco Monitor

  • Unique Wedge shape allows for curved video walls
  • Dimensions:
  • 4:3 Aspect ratio
  • Inputs: Composite video (BNC)
  • Weight: TBC


Industrial Metal-Framed CRT Cubes

  • Unique, perforated steel industrial look
  • Dimensions
  • 4:3 Aspect ratio
  • Inputs: Weight: TBC
  • Dimensions


Tosumi CRT Monitor

  • Model: TOIT66
  • 47(h) x 59.5(w) x 47.5(d)
  • 4:3 Aspect ratio
  • Inputs: Composite video (BNC)
  • Weight: TBC


Video Wall Controllers for Hire

We have a selection of video wall controllers for splitting video signals to build video walls with spanned images (read more here) . Here are just a few of them.

Media Technologies Brick

Media technologies Brick video wall processor _sq

  • 4x4 wall - 16 outputs
  • Takes PAL composite video input or S-Video
  • Can output composite video or RGB for higher resolution


Image Mag Pro

Electrosonic Image mag 2 video wall processor _front and rear

  • 3x3 wall, 9 outputs
  • RGB on 9-pin D-sub output
  • Rack mounted, good for long term installations


Digimatic Video Wall Controller

Digimatic video wall processor 4x4 front _sq

  • 3x3 and 4x4 versions
  • 4 Pin mini-DIN RGB output
  • Reliable and popular choice


Playback Options for Hire

Brightsign Hire

Brightsign media players are programmable video players with a huge variety of options (read more here). We stock numerous models.

  • Small and reliable
  • Start up automatically
  • True analog PAL output possible
  • Full 4K output possible
  • Outputs: HDMI, VGA, Composite, Stereo Audio



Laptops are much more versatile than media players, with many more options for content manipulation.

  • Resolume Laptops Available
  • VMIX Playback software
  • HDMI output
  • Converters available to SDI, Fibre, Composite, S-Video and RGB


VJ / Live Video Operator

With an experienced VJ operating software such as resolume, almost anything is possible. Change videos on the fly, add effects and play video to the beat of the music. All displayed live on your chosen video wall.

  • Live video playback
  • Various VJ software
  • Most flexibility and control


Rigging Options for Hire


We stock various plinths designed to have a single CRT screen sit on top. We are able to source other sizes to your specifications. 

  • 65cm height to 110cm height
  • Generally white or black, but can be painted to suit
  • Designed to fit perfectly the base of a 28” CRT screen
  • Space to hide cables and media players underneath


Steel Deck

We use steel deck of various sizes to raise video walls off the ground. an 8Ft wide Deck is almost exactly the width of 4 of our CRT screens, so perfect for a 4x3 or 4x4 video wall.

  • Various height legs available
  • Space to hide cables and media players underneath


Microtile Video Walls


We also keep stock of original Christie Microtiles. These aren't CRTs, but they do make great video walls. They are a bit smaller than the CRTs, but much lighter and more versatile. They also have almost no border around the edge, so they butt up next to one another to make a clear, less broken image. A great halfway point between the old school look of the blocky CRT walls, and more modern seamless LED wall technology. 

  • 31cm(h) x 41(w) x 26 (d)
  • 4:3 Aspect ratio
  • Rear projection DLP
  • Lightweight